Industry Indices May/June 2020

July 22nd, 2021 by Nathan Hobbs

Working from Home

An industry survey conducted by [DWM] reveals that in order to continue operating amid mandatory shutdowns and social distancing, some door and window companies have for the first time turned to remote work. Meanwhile, some say those measures work, but not always so smoothly. “While we have discovered how much work can be done from home, there is a corresponding knowledge vacuum that has been created by not sharing communal office space,” says Brad Schultz, vice president of Associated Laboratories Inc.

A broader survey of 1,000 employees new to working from home suggests that these mixed results are universal.

54% have upgraded their technology to work from home
48% say they’re more productive (29% say they are less productive)
31% think working from home is less secure
37% have encountered possible security issues
76% use video conferencing as part of their daily work
(53% have experienced glitches or dropped audio)

Source: Metova

Supply Chain Disruptions

As states allow re-opening and construction companies focus on handling anticipated surges in demand, will the building product industry be able to sufficiently supply a rebound? A survey of companies shows the following sentiment about supply chains:

Is Your Company Experiencing Disruptions in its Supply Chain?

No Disruptions: 31%

Minor Disruptions: 65%

Major Disruptions: 5%

Source: Home Innovation Research Labs’ April 2020 Survey of Building Product Manufacturers

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