ICC Disapproves Proposals Regarding Overhangs

April 23rd, 2013 by Editor

The International Code Council’s (ICC) Committee Action Hearings continue this week in Dallas, and today the committee disapproved two proposals related to overhangs.

RE66 was proposed by Don Surrena, CBO, representing National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), and his proposal would have added the following language to R402.3.3 (IRC N1102.3.3): In Climate Zones 1 through 4, permanently shaded vertical fenestration shall be permitted to satisfy the SHGC requirements.

RE66 was proposed by Dr. Thomas D. Culp, representing the Glazing Industry Code Committee, and would have added the following language to R402.3.3 (N1102.3.3) so that vertical fenestration in Climate Zones 1 through 3 shall be permitted to meet the SHGC requirements of Table R402.3.3 based upon the calculated projection factor of any overhang, eave, or permanently attached shading device that covers the full width of the glazing and extends a minimum of 12 inches (0.3 m) beyond each side.

Tom Zaremba, representing Pilkington, spoke in support of RE66 saying that “the use of shading and projection factor is just a good way to design buildings so as a result the codes should encourage it. The commercial code does so should residential.”

Speaking in opposition to that proposal was John McFee, representing the Window and Door Manufacturers Association, and Julie Ruth, representing the American Architectural Manufacturers Association.

“The overhangs are good ideas but they aren’t the only the answer and don’t address every issue such as reflectance,” said McFee, who opposed both proposals.

Ruth added that the proposal was “overly complex.”

When introducing RE65 Culp after RE66 was already disapproved Culp said, “We made this more conservative due to concerns brought up in the last code cycle.”

The code hearings continue through next Tuesday. Stay tuned to dwmmag.com for further updates.

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