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by Tyson Schwartz
November 6th, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: Offering Help

Although hurricane season ‘officially’ ends at the end of November, hurricanes forming this late in the season are unusual. But the cooler water temperatures didn’t deter Hurricane Sandy. Its track was wide and has had a major effect on millions of people and businesses along the East Coast. Although there were warnings, no one could have ever predicted the far reaching damage this storm had.

We have seen lots of reports on the news, and as of this morning, there were still millions without electricity. There are still long gas lines and fuel rationing. And basic food staples are still limited in supply. Many people don’t have a roof over their head, and the situation is just catastrophic. Unfortunately, people won’t see any type of ‘normalcy’ for a very long time.

Many people have inquired how this will affect the window business or remodeling in general. From speaking to many dealers in the affected region, right now, they are more concerned about helping their friends, family, and their customers through a pretty emotional and difficult time.

Many of the home improvement companies that I know were not physically affected by the hurricane. But all of them are helping people put their lives back together. And many of them reminded me that there is another storm coming that could dump snow on the affected area.

In the future, these same home improvement companies will help repair and rebuild the damage Hurricane Sandy has caused. But right now, the focus is on helping people get through some pretty tough times.

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