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by Mark Milanese
June 17th, 2016

How Many Friends Do You Really Have?

How many Facebook friends does your business have? If you answered more than zero, your business is doing Facebook all wrong. That’s not to say your business shouldn’t be on Facebook. Quite the contrary… Virtually every business should be on Facebook.

Although a business should be active on Facebook, a business Facebook “page” should NOT have friends… I’ll tell you why in a second, but first let me tell you why Facebook is important to a business.

Facebook lets a business brand, market and generate leads… for free!

So, if Facebook allows a business to promote itself and generate sales for free, why do I say your business should have no friends on Facebook?

Technically, your business should have NO friends on Facebook because only personal Facebook pages have “Friends.” A properly listed business on Facebook has “Fans” who “Like” and “Follow” us – NOT “Friends.” That is an important distinction. REALLY important. If the Facebook page for your business is set up as a personal page, you MUST CHANGE it to a Facebook for business page. Immediately.

Once you have a Facebook for business page, your business will be able to do many of the same things an individual can do, but your business will have several distinct advantages. Your business will be able to:
• See analytical data only available to a business;
• Create advertising campaigns;
• Boost posts;
• Target an audience to click on your website;
• Create events, and;
• Make special offers.

I encourage every business to know how important their social media presence is, and to consider having a Facebook Page to improve their overall internet presence.

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