Homeowners Sue Jeld-Wen and Home Depot for Lift Handle Defect

January 24th, 2014 by Editor

Plaintiffs in Venango County, Pa., filed a suit December 29 against Jeld-Wen and the Home Depot for $75,000 due to an alleged injury caused by a glass-paneled exterior door manufactured by Jeld-Wen and purchased at the Home Depot.

The door included plastic or polymer lift handles affixed and attached with multiple screws to each side of the wood door jamb or frame, according to court documents. “These lift handles were incorporated and affixed to the door jamb or frame to assist and make the transport, movement and handling of the exterior door unit easier.” Court documents also assert that the Jeld-Wen exterior door unit was defective when it left the defendants control and was injected into the stream of commerce in that it was not safe for its reasonably foreseeable and intended use.”

On January 2, 2012, the plaintiff received his exterior door unit from Home Depot and transported it home. In the process of lifting the unit by the handles one of the lift handles, “under the weight and load of the exterior door unit” shattered in the Plaintiff’s hand and failed, “causing the full force and weight of the exterior door unit to fall and crash onto his right foot.”

Court documents assert that the Plaintiff suffered “severe and serious injuries to his bones, cartilages, ligaments, muscles, nerves and tissues of the body.”

The plaintiff is suing for four counts: Strict Liability, Negligence, Breach of Warranty and Loss of Consortium. Regarding Strict Liability, the plaintiff is seeking “compensatory damages in an amount exceeding $75,000 plus interests and all costs ….”

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  1. Wow,
    Must’ve been a heavy door if their steel toed boots didn’t prevent an injury.

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