Guest Blog: Win-door Brings the Booth to You

September 15th, 2015 by Editor

The new Win-door exhibitor showcase is a great opportunity for you to discover new products or expand your knowledge about products you may already know.

The benefit of attending the show, scheduled for November 3-5 in Toronto,  is also measured in the quality of the questions asked about the product.  A few selected exhibitors will take the stage and provide you with the “must know” information on their latest product or service development. This is where you get direct knowledge, efficiently and effectively.

This is a very different approach from the traditional trade show booth visit, as this model drives an in-depth perspective of the products you’re interested in. During the showcase presentations, you’ll get a concentrated version of the trade-show floor, without even having to move.  You also get to meet with people searching for the same things you are. This could help you in your future choices and also help you avoid costly mistakes.

For the exhibitors, the showcase is a great way to promote your product and company right at the beginning of the show. There is no better way to start your Win-door week. This change is one of the most important, because it gives you the chance to promote with your own voice.

You wanted change — now you can be part of it. Sign up now to promote your new product, service or big news that you need to tell the industry – directly.

Stéphane Labelle is the director of marketing and business development for Group Eugenie in Quebec and a Win-door Committee Volunteer.


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