GlassBuild America Opens Tomorrow; Your Shopping Guide

September 11th, 2018 by Editor

Tomorrow, thousands of attendees will enter the Las Vegas Convention Center to see the new products unveiled at GlassBuild America. Hundreds of exhibitors will feature their newest products and developments, from tools and supplies to machinery and equipment and of course, door, window and glass products. If you can’t make it to the show, DWM offers a glimpse at some of the products on display. If you can make it, consider this your sneak peek at what to look for and be sure to stop by booth 408 to say hello.



Chelsea Building Products: Booth 1263

Chelsea Building Products will showcase current door and window systems as well as its latest window design, inoview. Chelsea will also be featuring design concepts by its owner, aluplast, a leading provider of PVC window profiles internationally, including versatile European style tilt and turn products and a new smart slide patio door.

Utilizing a collaborative design process, inoview’s design provides a clean, low-profile, classic appearance. It’s available with a variety of accessories to produce multiple configurations for residential, light commercial, remodeling, and new construction market needs.



Deceuninck: Booth 1051

The same technology that goes into Deceuninck’s Innergy rigid thermal reinforcements is now available for window mullions. According to the company, Rovex Xtreme Fiberglass technology provides an excellent alternative to aluminum mullion reinforcements with its strength and superior thermal performance.

The Innergy mullions feature thermal performance, the company said as much as 700 times better than aluminum in material-to-material comparisons.

Lauren Manufacturing: Booth 527

Lauren Manufacturing offers sealing solutions for windows and doors. From custom and standard extrusions to molded corners and frames, the company’s seals and gaskets are used in a wide range of commercial and residential applications.

Lauren’s capabilities include dual- and tri-durometer extrusions, continuous corner seals, lamination systems, performance coatings and much more.

The company specializes in closed-cell sponge and dense materials such as EPDM, silicone, plastic and Fortrex, an elastomer that is lightweight and offers superior sealing and weatherability.




Intigral: Booth 1545

The ScreenLine pleated black-out shades between the glass product line from Intigral offers privacy and solar glare reduction via the popular blinds-between-glass concept.

The blinds are made from 100-percent black-out fabric available in white or beige. The company says there are no visible holes, and the “C”-shaped, black spacer bar reduces the light passing through the perimeter.



Quanex: Booth 1427

The Liniar bi-folding door from HL Plastics, a Quanex Building Products company, is an alternative to traditional French doors or sliding patio doors. According to the company, it creates a point of distinction in any high-end home while delivering ultra-slim sightlines and excellent thermal performance.

Veka: Booth 1453

Veka will debut its all new Corsair gliding patio door system.

It is customizable for new construction or replacement use in two-, three- and four-panel configurations up to eight feet high. The Corsair delivers performance with its 1⅛-inch IG capacity, a DP50 class rating and impact capability. The Corsair features Veka’s FeneXseal to ensure proper installation and defend against water penetration.




Roto: Booth 837

Roto’s Inowa is a hardware solution to enhance the overall performance and functionality of a sliding patio door. Inowa, which stands for “Impermeable: No Water, No Air,” provides a very high level of thermal performance, according to the company.

The hardware system incorporates a continuous gasket system around the operable sash, along with concealed lock points, even in the mullion area where the two sashes come together.


John Evans’ Sons: Booth 709

John Evans’ Sons Inc. will show off two balance systems. The company’s drop-in balance is available in ½-inch and ¾-inch coil widths with single to triple coil combinations.

The sideload constant force system features included sash guide components visible at the top corners of the sash. These guides can now be replaced with sash cams that the company says are out of view and tamper-resistant.




GED: Booth 2127, 2327

GED Integrated Solutions will display several machinery and robotic products at GlassBuild.

The newest is the WinTrax Intelligent Logistics system, which can track window components and completed windows within residential vinyl window production facilities.

The company will also introduce RoboSeal, which it says is the first fully automated, robotic gas fill, close and seal system  in  the  industry. GED says it’s a consistent, automated fourth-corner sealing process.

Erdman: Booth 1927

The Erdman Unmanned Robotic IG Work Cell produces large-size insulating glass units without direct labor.

The work cell uses three robots — one for loading, one for positional holding of the glass while the flexible spacer is applied and gas is filled, and one for sealing and offloading. The use of three robots not only minimizes labor, but also reduces needed floor space by roughly one half.  The target cycle times are one 5-foot-by-12-foot IG unit every minute with no gas fill and every 90 seconds with gas fill. It only needs approximately 20 feet by 75 feet of floor space.

The company says the robotic work cell can produce 480 units in one eight-hour shift. Running around the clock and at 100-percent efficiency, 1,440 units can be produced in only 1,500 square feet, whereas a traditional line would require roughly 3,000 square feet of machinery and 12-18 people.





Guardian: Booth 627

Guardian ClimaGuard 62/27 coated glass is powered by triple-silver technology to provide low solar heat gain and abundant light. The product insulates the home against fluctuating outdoor temperatures to help homeowners meet Energy Star guidelines.

While transmitting natural daylight to reduce artificial lighting needs, the company says the glass also blocks nearly 30 percent more damaging  UV radiation compared to uncoated glass.




FeneTech: Booth 1563

FeneTech will present the latest release of its FeneVision ERP software for door and window manufacturers. This fully integrated software operates on a graphical user interface running on a single database, allowing employees to see—in real time — exactly what is happening on the production floor.

FeneVision provides all the tools necessary to control each phase of production, including web and client-based quotation and order handling, pricing and costing, an integrated CAD for glass shapes, the dynamic creation of bills of materials, capacity planning, production scheduling, dynamic or batch glass cutting optimization, lineal optimization, tracking control, and mobile delivery using an iPad.



EDTM: Booth 1663

EDTM will introduce two new credit-card-sized low-E coating detectors at GlassBuild.   The Low-E Card and Low-E Card+ offer low-cost options for identifying low-E coatings on glass, in the convenient size of a credit card. These ultra-thin and compact models will identify the presence of low-E coatings on a single piece of glass. The glass can be monolithic or installed in an insulating unit.

The AE2200 Low-E Card is a disposable model that will allow 1,000 tests to be conducted. There are no metal contacts to scratch the glass surface.

The AE2250 Low-E Card+ offers a replaceable battery design that can be used indefinitely.  This “+” model will differentiate if the low-E coating is on Surface 1, Surface 2, or indicate if the glass is uncoated.


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