G-U to Consolidate North American Distribution in Montreal

April 1st, 2009 by Editor

G-U Hardware Inc. has announced plans to consolidate its United States distribution operation in Newport News, Va., into the company’s Canadian division located in Montreal, Quebec.”Our Newport News facility has worked out very nicely for us since we opened here in 1987,” says general manager Yvon Soucy. “The fact is that our Montreal facility has enough capacity to easily provide service to all of our customers throughout North America. The Montreal facility also provides manufacturing capabilities helping us with shorter lead times for delivery. It’s basically a logistics decision that benefits our customers.”

G-U will maintain sales offices in both Newport News as well as in Medford, Wis.

“For our customers the only change they will see is the warehouse location that their orders will be shipped from,” says Kevin O’Connor, national sales manager. “Customer service, technical support and sales will all continue to be serviced from the United States. Invoices, orders and company contacts will also continue to be located in the United States. These changes are very positive ones for us during a time when taking care of the customer is so important.”

The consolidation is anticipated to be complete within 90 days.

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