Freedonia Study Analyzes Material Choices Among Doors and Windows

January 22nd, 2020 by Editor

A recent study from Freedonia Group titled Building Envelope in North America examines trends in material choices for exterior doors and windows, finding that prospects are highly related to a material’s respective performance characteristics. Particular characteristics include those with the ability to contribute to the building envelope’s overall durability, energy efficiency and safety, the report finds.

Other findings include that metal products account for the largest share of North American door and window demand, at a rate of 49% in 2018. This is supported by continued consumer preference for metal doors, which offer high levels of physical security, have long lifespans and low maintenance requirements, claims the study. However, it also indicates that metal products are expected to lose market share to those made of vinyl and fiberglass going forward.

Vinyl and fiberglass doors and windows are projected to see the fastest rate of growth going forward, say researchers, particularly for such products as vinyl windows and patio doors due to the following influences:

  • Relatively low costs;
  • Favorable energy efficiency; and
  • Improvements such as enhanced aesthetics or reinforced frames for better strength.

Consumers are increasingly opting for fiberglass windows due to their wood-like appearances, the ability to be painted, and resistance to damage caused by exposure to the elements, along with longer expected product lifespans, the report says.

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