FGIA Updates Sliding Door, Lift and Slide Roller Assemblies Specifications

April 1st, 2021 by Editor

The Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA) has released an updated AAMA 906-21, “Specification for Sliding Door and Lift and Slide Roller Assemblies,” which pertains to roller assemblies, with or without height adjustment features, for use in sliding doors and lift and slide doors. It was last updated in 2018.

“The AAMA 906 task group made quick work of an important update to capture a market trend toward heavy sliding doors,” said HOPPE North America’s Matt Taylor, co-chair of the FGIA Heavy Duty Roller Assembly Task Group. “Previous requirements for operating force considered rollers with rated weight capacities to 100 pounds. Now, roller assemblies ranging from weight capacities of 75 pounds to more than 600 pounds will be tested to proportionate levels of operating force.”

AAMA 906 seeks to evaluate the performance and durability of rollers used in the operation of sliding doors and lift and slide doors. Representative samples of the door rollers are evaluated for performance at the weight rating specified by the roller manufacturer by cycling the rollers under load for 10,000 cycles. Clearance and operating force measurements are taken before and after the cycle test to ensure performance remains within specified tolerances.

“Changes came from market feedback,” said Chris Griffin of Roto Frank, who serves as the other co-chair of the FGIA Heavy Duty Roller Assembly Task Group. “This is a great example of how FGIA members who are often competitors come together voluntarily and use their expertise to work together to create value for the entire industry.”

AAMA documents are available from FGIA and may be purchased from the online store. FGIA members receive a discounted rate.

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