FeneVision User Conference Day 1: Big Turnout

June 5th, 2018 by Emmariah Holcomb

FeneTech kicked off its 16th annual FeneVision User Conference Monday in Independence, Ohio. The three-day software conference is filled with multiple sessions, which represent different facets of what the company has to offer. Representatives from dozens of businesses and corporations barely left any open seats as they crammed into the main conference room for opening remarks.

“This is the biggest turnout we’ve had so far,” said Ron Crowl, FeneTech president and CEO. “It seems like every year we add more participating companies and this year we have representatives who traveled from northern Europe.”

The annual conference is designed to update users on any changes made to the software, in addition to teaching newer users about it. Throughout the first day’s sessions, participants broke off into three focus tracks: FeneVision basics, glass focus for advanced users, and window and door focus for advanced users. The first and second days have five hour-long sessions. After each session, the host and presenter are available for one-on-one questions and comments from users.

There was a mixture of companies using previous editions and those who were already on the latest update FeneTech offers in the sessions on Monday. The newest updates focused on simplifying main interfaces, strengthening communication between customers and corporations, and easier systems for creating and executing tasks.

“We want to help create a good experience on any device for our customers and the best way to do that is being very user friendly,” Brian Purgert, FeneVision presenter, said.

Becoming user-friendly involved not only changing the layout on certain systems, but also removing once-troublesome features. Many FeneTech software users on the latest update can see changes made to the dashboard related to sales management and event planning. Now users can easily create and manage their tasks, employee tasks and client comments, and reviews made to orders.

Window, door and glass corporations learned that with a few clicks and tabs they can not only preview and create projects but also better communicate specialty designs with their customers. Now, window and door companies can get previews of what their clients want easier after FeneTech removed some of the limitations from their task bar.

Following the sessions, guests headed off to a planned night out with FeneTech employees and other conference participants.

The conference continues through Wednesday.

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