Fenestration Canada Educates Industry on NAFS Labeling Requirements

January 21st, 2014 by Editor

Fenestration Canada announced the release of its web-based North American Fenestration Standard (NAFS) performance calculator tool for the Canadian door and window industry last week. The new tool will calculate the NAFS minimum performance grade (PG), minimum positive and negative design pressure (DP), minimum water penetration resistance test pressure and minimum Canadian air infiltration and exfiltration requirement to comply with any provincial building code referencing NAFS-08 and A440S1-09. The tool will calculate these values for 679 locations across Canada, at heights from 10 to 100 meters, for both open and rough terrain.

The association held a webinar last week to officially launch the tool and new labeling guidelines.

Jeff Baker, WESTLAB, outlined 10 guidelines: none are mandatory but serve as a list of best practices.

1. The label shall include a primary and secondary designator and shall follow NAFS rules for the use of secondary designators.

2. Performance rating labels shall identify the standards the building codes requires products to conform to.

3. The performance rating labels should state that products conform to NAFS 08 and the Canadian supplement.

4. Performance rating labels shall include the manufacturers’ identification by name or traceable certification number, product line/series information, and may at the manufacturer’s discretion include operator type.

5. The performance rating information should be enclosed within a single-lined boundary border to separate and distinguish it from other ratings or labels on the fenestration product in order to make the labels more visible to code officials.

6. The secondary designator should report pressure values in metric units and may also include pressure values in IP units.

7. Performance rating labels are encouraged to use the IP performance grade designations.

8. Performance rating labels may use abbreviated primary designators as permitted in the U.S.

9. Performance rating labels should include a premature removal caution.

10. Performance rating labels may be permanent or non-permanent.

The document is also available on the association’s website as well as the NAFS Online Calculator. The latter allows a company to select province, height, etc., and it will come back with the performance requirements for that product.

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  1. Labeling guidelines PDF and the NAFS calculation tool are accessible to all stakeholders in the Canadian window and door industry and are available on the Fenestration Canada main website page.

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