Exhibitors at the Builders’ Show Remind Attendees of Product Variety

January 24th, 2020 by Tara Taffera

A few exhibitors at this year’s International Builders’ Show said they were reminding visitors of everything they can offer—including the fact that sometimes the basics are necessary.

Simpson Doors showed off its ClearEdge technology, here in one of its contemporary designs.

Simpson Doors was one such company, reinforcing with builders the idea that they can offer any size or shape of door imaginable.

“It is still hard for builders to understand that, so we try to show them all the options available,” said Brad Loveless, marketing and product development manager.

The company came up with an innovative means for demonstrating this message—a website at MydoorDNA.com that can help them to configure doors.

“They go to the site and are asked a few questions, then it tells them their preferences. For example, you are 50% X door style,” said Loveless. It’s a unique take—one that serves as an analogy for popular DNA test kits, only for doors.

The company also showed off a large pivot door—one of several found throughout the show.

Kolbe unveiled a large pivot door with Bordeaux anodize.

Kolbe was also broadcasting reminders, including the idea that, “retractable screens on products are so important,” suggested Cindy Bremer, vice president of marketing.

But that wasn’t the biggest news from the traditionally wood window and door manufacturer. The company announced it now has an all-aluminum line (AL) and that its wood line is now known as WD. Bremer admitted that this is a big departure for a wood company.

“As we see contemporary architecture grow, and large expanses of glass become more important, our customers were looking for aluminum,” she said.

“The distributors are excited that Kolbe is offering this,” said Bremer. “They are already working with this so they are excited to expand their offerings to meet market needs.”

Following the trend that began in 2019, Kolbe also introduced a large-sized pivot door, and in a new color: Bordeaux.

“Architects really like the anodized finish, but they don’t have a wide variety of color choices—until now,” said Bremer.

Sierra Pacific’s Westchester double-hung has a unique skill design to prevent water penetration.

Sierra Pacific Windows went the route of variety at this year’s show—demonstrating everything from double-hung windows, to a focus on sustainability. After drawing a crowd in 2019, the company returned with another of its large pivot doors.

“We are one of the greenest companies,” said Dominic Truniger, president/CEO. “We grow our own trees. We are vertically integrated,” he explained.

He also pointed out a new product—the Westchester double-hung window, which is equipped with a unique sill system to prevent water penetration. Launched just ahead of the show, the product is designed to resist water intrusion—even when flashed improperly—which is a common issue, Truniger suggested.

At Taylor Entrance Systems the company said it’s reinventing its TruGrain line of steel doors, showcasing a 22-gauge steel door with a scratch-resistant coating.

One of the digitally printed designs from Taylor Entrance Systems.

Darcy Schraufnagler, marketing brand manager, reported that attendees loved the company’s modern gray color. She also pointed out the product is great for multi-family and commercial applications.

For those cases where solid colors aren’t the preferred avenue, the company showed off various designs in its digitally printed offerings, which come with a clear coating for added durability.

No Builders’ Show would be complete without products designed to make installation easier. DAP filled this niche by unveiling Quick Kit—a product ideal for pre-hangers, that contains all the necessary components for a successful door installation. “There is no more confusing category than caulks and sealants,” said Tom Rapps. “This provides the opportunity for people to do this correctly and reduce callbacks. I even have one company that is including this kit with their premium doors and eating the cost,” he said.

The DAP quick kit aims to make door installations easier and reduce callbacks—a great product for pre-hangers.

Wrapping up in the door hardware segment, Schlage aimed to entice with several new designs in door handles—including some new glass offerings. It also continued in the theme toward automation, with its Encode keypad entry lock that’s compatible with Amazon’s Alexa home assistant and comes Wi-Fi-enabled. As consumers look for such features, the company hopes to unlock more customers.

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