Energy Star Gets Congressional Support

May 4th, 2017 by Editor

On Monday, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) and Rep. Paul Tonko (D-N.Y.) sent a letter to President Trump in support of Energy Star, which the White House has targeted for elimination in its 2018 budget plan.

Kinzinger and Tonko are urging support for the voluntary program, which they say has helped American consumers save billions of dollars on their utility bills since 1992. They were joined in the letter by 55 other members of Congress — four Republicans and 53 Democrats.

“For more than two decades, Energy Star has helped American families and small business owners invest with confidence in energy efficiency and spend less money on energy as a result,” said Kinzinger. “This voluntary program gives businesses and manufacturers the option to differentiate their products and provides consumers with reliable information before they purchase major appliances or make home improvements.”

“The Energy Star program has an impressive 25-year record providing value to businesses and consumers,” said Tonko. “This voluntary certification has already saved everyday-Americans $430 billion in energy costs over the past 25 years, a benefit that ripples further with every kilowatt hour saved. Our investment in the Energy Star program has more than paid for itself, with lucrative dividends in energy savings and more money in the pocket of the consumer. That’s a win-win.”

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