Milanese Remodeling
by Mark Milanese
February 7th, 2018

E-A-G-L-E-S … Eagles!

The last time the Philadelphia Eagles won an NFL championship was December 26, 1960. I was born two weeks later – an Eagles fan. Please don’t hold that against me. Even if you don’t like us, Eagle fans are loyal, dedicated followers of the team they love.  Every business should strive to have the same kind of loyalty from their fan base.

I’ve been an Eagles fan for as long as I can remember – over half a century. I can assure you, this Super Bowl championship has been long-awaited and is much appreciated by loyal fans of the Eagles.

Truly “fanatical”… fans of the Eagles are passionate about the team they support, even after almost 60 years of frustration. We don’t just watch the team play, buy and wear their merchandise; we “bleed green”…

Although we’re known to boo a player who shows lack of effort or cowardice, we always cheer grit. We adore players who leave it all on the field. We travel to turn the opponents’ stadium into our home field. We put up signs and banners in our yard, our cars and where we work. We associate with other fans; in person at the local Wawa, and publicly on the radio and Internet.  We find reasons to celebrate losses as well as victories. We raise our children to also support the home team.

After 60 years in business, Milanese Remodeling also has a loyal fan base. Our fans are our clients.

Our clients buy from us. They give us honest feedback and tell us where we need to improve. They complement us when we achieve greatness. They share their love for us with others by recommending us to their friends, family, co-workers and neighbors. They follow us on Facebook, watch our YouTube videos and leave reviews on Google. They ask us to travel and improve their second homes in other states. They wear our merchandise and promote our work with signs in their yard. They like us and share us.  They raise their children to support us.

Turning clients into fans – fans that are as fanatical as Eagles fans – should be the goal of every door and window professional.

The only way to turn clients into loyal fans is to work hard, practice and study. To learn from losses and victories. And to always strive to be the very best.

When we do our best, that effort will be rewarded. We will have earned the loyalty of our clients. Loyal clients who support us in good times and bad. Loyal clients who recommend us to other homeowners.  Loyal clients who return to buy again and again… for generations.

Every business should strive to have the same kind of loyalty from their fan base as the Eagles have earned from theirs.

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  1. As a Philadelphia Native, I am a die hard Eagle fan. I sold windows for 16 years before getting an opportunity to be a General manager/ Owner of a window manufacturer in Rochester N.Y. We have similar belief systems when it comes to the home improvement industry. My dad use to tell me A buon intenditor poche parole…. That means Few words are needed for a good listener. Sales is all about listening. God gave us 2 ears and 1 mouth so talk 50% less then you listen. Best of luck to you.

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