DOE’s Marc LaFrance Takes International Assignment

August 14th, 2012 by Editor

Individuals at door or window companies who are involved in the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Energy Star program have no doubt worked with Marc LaFrance, Building Envelope and Windows Research and Development manager, for the Department of Energy (DOE). LaFrance told DWM magazine that he is leaving the DOE on August 24 to serve as a Building Energy Technology Policy Analyst at the International Energy Agency.

Marc LaFrance is taking an international assignment that will still focus heavily on energy technologies.

The three to five year temporary assignment will be based in Paris and LaFrance will still be heavily involved in energy technologies.

“One of the projects I will be working on is a building envelope energy roadmap for the world,” he says. “If the industry wants to get involved internationally they can do that.”

The DOE has named Dr. Patrick Phelan as the interim replacement who will manage the program until October. After that time he will serve as DOE’s Emerging Technology Supervisor.


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