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by Mark Milanese
April 8th, 2014

Do I Need New Doors and Windows?

I received an unusual question from a client last week. They scheduled an appointment with me to get a price to replace the windows in their home. During my evaluation of their project I asked, “Why do you need new windows?” and “What do you want your new windows to do that your existing windows aren’t doing now?” Their answers surprised me.

They said they were happy with their windows. Their home was only five years old, but a window manufacturer had an energy auditor in the neighborhood and told them they needed new windows.

Finally he asked me, “Mark, how do I know if I need new windows?”

I told him most people already know why they want new windows … They are not satisfied with the appearance, performance and safety of the windows in their home.

Homeowners can hire an expert and pay for an energy audit or home inspection, but their gut instinct normally tells them if they need new doors and windows because they are:

• drafty and cold;

• too hot in summer;

• leak water;

• broken;

• ugly.

Maybe the above information will help you as you correspond with customers in similar situations. I tell customers if they feel drafts at windows or cold radiating off of the glass during heating season, they will reduce heating costs by replacing windows with properly installed energy-efficient models.

If they have to keep shades drawn during the summer months because of excessive heat buildup in summer, new windows will help reduce cooling costs.

If the windows don’t function – they don’t open, lock, have failed glass or missing screens they will want to replace the windows to get the functionality intended and use the windows to replace stale air, ventilate and provide security.

If their windows are ugly – they have failed glass, have broken or missing colonial divided lites, need putty and paint it may also be time to replace windows.

On the other hand, if their doors and windows are NOT drafty, leaky, hot, secure, broken or ugly they do not NEED new doors and windows and can look at other projects to improve their home.

Have you run into similar situations? How do you handle them? Feel free to post a comment here.

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  1. I would add my word of caution when referring to “cold radiating off of the glass” and ” have to keep shades drawn during the summer months” and stating that replacing the windows will reduce heating or cooling costs. These are “subjective” measure and you can end up with the same situation if the customer did not understand the impact of extreme weather (either hot or cold) and then have a customer who’s going to be angry for life (changed the windows and exhibit same situation) because you did not explain properly the root cause of the situation.



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