Companies Converge on 2019 Design Trend Predictions

February 14th, 2019 by Drew Vass, Executive Editor

Many leading design influencers have released their top predictions for décor trends that we’ll start seeing an influx of in 2019. It’s the season of mashups and remixes; and though views vary between designers, there are some huge trends that can’t be missed—some of which mesh with predictions among door and window manufacturers.

The National Association of Realtors (via, Jackson Design and Remodeling, Masonite, and Andersen all have made notably similar predictions for what will be on trend this year for interior design. Fads range from dark and moody overtones to asymmetrical, art deco revivals.

“2019 is going to be all about mixing it up,” Jim Kabel, owner of Case Design/Remodeling in San Jose, Calif., told “It’s about creating visual interest.”

One element that is unanimously agreed upon between designers and door and window manufacturers includes curved furniture, which is a style that brings back the intimacy that has gone missing, some say. The elegant arch of frames, designers say, brings rooms in, for tighter, more intimate settings. This style, being adapted from a more formal approach, gives spaces a sort of casual, chic attitude, designers suggest.

Moving from the living space and entering into the kitchen, dark and moody tones are making their way into cabinetry and counter tops.

“Black kitchens especially are proving popular,” says Marina Cheban of Cheban Interiors in New York tells, suggesting that one reason they have become so swank is because dark colors reflect a “sleek, rich feel and modern ambiance.” Similarly, Masonite reports that deep navy and green, paired with gold trims and bright, yellow lighting make for a darker, Gothic sort of mood. And though black is an alternative to white, the similarity of never going out of style, is a feature that some say sticks with both options.

In terms of which trends among flooring that door and window companies will want to match up with, according to, Terazzo is expected to have a high focus this year. Being a bit of a throwback, this style of flooring and wall treatment is made up of composite material, such as marble, quartz, granite and glass, and is expected to make a retro reappearance in the forms of bathroom counter tops, accent walls and foyer flooring.

Other interesting predictions from include bold, primary colors, tweed accents, re imagined floral, and—on the cuter side—dog showers. But good luck getting a door or window into that.

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