The View From Here
by Ric Jackson
April 6th, 2020

Coming Together in Good Times and Bad

There’s one thing you can say about our industry: We are a tightknit group.

Many of us know each other on both personal and professional levels. We know each other’s families and have worked together for years to advance our industry and evolve with the times.

That’s why it’s no surprise to witness the support we are giving to each other in these uncertain times. Across America, and the world, people are showing acts of heroism and philanthropy. We’re all working together to do the right thing for neighbors, friends, family and co-workers. And if there is a bright spot in all of this, it’s that.

We’ve also seen our industry groups continue their tireless efforts to advocate for all of us. For example, the WDMA is sending daily updates to help members navigate the constantly changing closures and revised definitions of “essential businesses.” The FGIA is also doing similar work to keep their membership up to date and recently drafted a letter for businesses to use to defend their right to remain open as essential.

The View from Here is that under normal circumstances the only constant is change. But we are living that now more than ever. Personally, I am proud to be part of this industry and the organizations that are helping us through this difficult time, while helping to ensure the health and safety of our workforce. We are all doing our part and doing our best every day to do the right thing.

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