Vinyl Sustainability

The First Five Steps: Elevating Your Sustainability Credentials

Sep 27th, 2023

A Sustainability Starter Kit for Vinyl Manufacturers [SPONSORED] Organizations are under constant pressure to produce eco-friendly products and integrate sustainability into their day-to-day business operations. The escalating mandates have had an impact. In fact, a recent study by Forbes shows 90 percent of executives believe that sustainability is important. At the same time, only 60% […]

Setting the Bar With +Vantage Vinyl

Sep 26th, 2023

Dialing It In: +Vantage Vinyl® Guiding Principles Companies across the vinyl supply chain are making continuous improvements towards their sustainability goals. How are these companies taking their efforts to the next level? Becoming +Vantage Vinyl®. Verified through the Vinyl Sustainability Council. Gain your competitive edge. Earn the Mark today.

Sponsored Content: Designing for Disinfection: The Role of Material Selection

Nov 1st, 2022

The COVID-19 Era of Design Everyone’s daily lives have been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Vulnerable populations became isolated. Stress on the healthcare system and long-term care workers increased. Work travel was cut to a minimum, and retail turned to a virtual experience. As the country turns a new page and public spaces are open […]

Sponsored Content: The Vinyl Industry’s Commitment to Sustainability

Sep 26th, 2022

Defining Vinyl Sustainability Sustainability is commonly defined as the avoidance of depleting natural resources to maintain an ecological balance. Being sustainable is about people doing more with less. Vinyl products play a significant role in fulfilling these needs. At the same time, meeting the needs of a growing population requires more of the Earth’s natural […]

Sponsored Content: The Role of PVC in Sustainable Design

Aug 25th, 2022

Defining Sustainability There is a growing awareness that the Earth and its fragile climate is being stressed due to the unintended consequences of rapid population growth, economic growth, and consumption of natural resources. It is no surprise that the concept of sustainability in building materials and green alternatives has become one of the most talked […]

Sponsored Content: What Makes Vinyl a Sustainable Material?

Aug 5th, 2022

The Roadmap of Vinyl Vinyl is the material of choice for a wide range of applications, from piping that delivers clean water to roofing that shields the building interior. Vinyl is even used in blood bags that protect the nation’s blood supply. It is versatile, durable, and sustainable for a growing world population. People want […]