Positive Polarity

What Ever Happened to Saying “I’m Sorry”?

May 30th, 2017

Today in business, it seems we hear every word ever invented, along with many words that are not even in the dictionary. The English language is ever expanding. According to Merriam-Webster, we just added more than 1,000 words to the dictionary. Some of them are, in my estimation, meaningless. “Face-palm,” for instance is a new […]

Would You Want to Hire You?

Feb 27th, 2017

Think about it for a second. Would you, sitting on one side of the desk, want to hire you, sitting on the other side of the desk during an interview? As this economy continues to grow, we will be seeing more and more people looking to better themselves, their finances and the company they work […]

Product Training vs. Sales Training

Jan 31st, 2017

There seems to be a resurgence in product training among a lot of the sales organizations around the country, and I wanted to dig deeper and learn more about this. Take a moment and think about the training that you received when you started a sales position. Some of the first training I ever received from […]

The Big Dilemma in Sales Today

Dec 12th, 2016

As the age of the sales professional increases, so does the tendency to plateau. The definition of “plateau” that I like to use here is “a state of little or no change following a period of activity or progress.” A recent study of 200 companies indicated that only 7 of the 200 sales companies were […]

The Power of Your Words

Nov 14th, 2016

I find it interesting how often people communicate with each other but don’t really connect. Communication is transferring words back and forth between two or more parties. The connection that can be made will really make the difference in how effective that time is together. Let’s look in on a typical company down the street […]

Be Quiet and Listen

Oct 4th, 2016

In his latest video blog, Dave Molenda says being a good listener is important in life and business. Dave Molenda Blog 12 FINE from concannon communications on Vimeo.

“We Are a Sales Organization”

Sep 20th, 2016

In his latest video blog, Dave Molenda makes the point that sales is at the heart of nearly every business. “We all sell something,” Molenda says, “and the sooner we understand that, the more successful we’ll be.” Dave Molenda Blog 6 FINE from concannon communications on Vimeo.

What’s Your Personality Type?

Aug 15th, 2016

In his latest video blog, Dave Molenda discusses four personality types and why you need to shape your sales message accordingly. Dave Molenda Blog 10 FINE from concannon communications on Vimeo.

Positive Reinforcement is Important, Too

Jul 18th, 2016

In his latest video blog, Dave Molenda reminds us that great leadership also means telling team members when they’ve done something right. Dave Molenda Blog 5 FINE from concannon communications on Vimeo.

What is Polarity?

Jun 23rd, 2016

In this video blog, Dave Molenda tells us what polarity means, and how to apply the principle to your business. Dave Molenda Blog 11 FINE from concannon communications on Vimeo.