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How Much Do New Doors and Windows Cost?

Jul 25th, 2018

It’s so easy to compare prices on the Internet. Virtually everything from fast food to fast cars can be price-checked on a smartphone. Everything, except for home improvements. Unlike products that go from a factory to our hands, home renovations require on-site labor before the buyer can enjoy their purchase. The condition of the existing […]

Present a Contract and Be Quiet!

May 15th, 2018

If you’ve been following my latest sales series here at DWM, you know we began with when to be quiet, when to ask a good question and listen,  and when to be an expert and speak up. Finally, we’re ready to convert the prospect into a sale by executing an agreement. We’ve asked good questions. […]

Be the Expert and Speak Up!

Apr 23rd, 2018

Sales can be a lonely business. Only other sales professionals truly understand the HUGE ups and downs of this occupation. It can be cathartic to commiserate with other sales professionals, but we can also learn from one another. Last summer, I learned how Anthony Valiant of Valiant Home Remodelers became a VERY successful salesperson. I […]

Ask a “Good” Question and Be Quiet!

Mar 19th, 2018

Successful salespeople ask prospects “good” questions to move the sales conversion process along. When our prospect answers a “good” question, they give us clues to solve their problem and the keys to unlock the sale. Because of that, we should shut up and listen! Every salesperson already knows what they know. Answers to “good” questions […]

Shut Up and Listen!

Feb 14th, 2018

The Italian way to say “be quiet” is “statte zitto.” In a home including one daughter and five sons, each born a year or so apart, I can’t count how many times I heard my Italian-American father say these words. Sometimes, it was a request for us to be quiet. Other times he added an […]

E-A-G-L-E-S … Eagles!

Feb 7th, 2018

The last time the Philadelphia Eagles won an NFL championship was December 26, 1960. I was born two weeks later – an Eagles fan. Please don’t hold that against me. Even if you don’t like us, Eagle fans are loyal, dedicated followers of the team they love.  Every business should strive to have the same […]

Top 5 Reasons to Replace Doors, Windows and Siding Together

Nov 27th, 2017

Sometimes, our clients ask, “Which should I replace first? My doors and windows, or my siding?”  The truth is, the best way to go about the exterior remodeling process is to replace siding, doors and windows all at one time… Here are the top five reasons why: Get the look you WANT: When you want to turn […]

Salesperson Obedience School Lesson No. 2: Be a Dog Whisperer!

Oct 20th, 2017

Over the last 35 years, I’ve perfected a way to make my prospect’s dog MY new best friend within 60 seconds of knocking on the door. My method improves my closing ratio in the four out of 10 homes that own dogs. I become the “Dog Whisperer”… Becoming a “Dog Whisperer”… I find the best […]

Salesperson Obedience School Lesson No. 1: Sell to Man’s Best Friend

Oct 17th, 2017

In my last blog post, I explained why the door and window salesperson must “sell” the dog to have a good closing percentage in households with dogs. Now it’s time to learn how to turn a guard-dog growl into puppy love. Control Your Emotions … Dogs are very smart at figuring out our emotions. Anger, […]

Dog Days for In-Home Sales

Sep 28th, 2017

The “dog days” of summer are over, but the “dog days” for door and window salespeople are just about to begin. That’s because fall is the season many homeowners purchase new doors and windows AND because 44 percent of American households own at least one dog. The typical door and window sales presentation often will […]