S.A.L.E.S. Is Not a Dirty Word
by Dave Yoho
February 17th, 2022

Building & Transmitting Your Corporate Culture

To successfully grow your business, and become more efficient and profitable in 2022, it is critical to re-evaluate your corporate beliefs to determine what needs modification, which employees share your vision, and how your culture matches your hiring strategy.

However, a generic plan will not cut it anymore. You need to move beyond simple statements such as:

  • “We value our employees!”
  • “Our customers love our brand!”
  • “We have a 5-star rating by the BBB!”

All these statements matter but they provide no differentiation from your competitors – and remember that your most qualified candidates are not only evaluating positions from industry companies, but jobs in other industries where they may perceive more immediate and sustainable value.

To set or re-define your culture, determine what your strengths and weaknesses are, and how you can highlight your strengths while improving or hiding areas that need improvement. There must be a “buy-in” from your entire team, starting with the Owner and Executives setting the example. Business leaders must “walk the walk” regarding your culture, instead of simply transmitting your policies and objectives.

Here are eight critical areas to focus on regarding your corporate culture in 2022 – both internally and in your interaction with new hires:

  1. Encourage open interaction, consistent feedback, and engagement from all personnel.
  2. Offer job tasks and meaningful differentiators that improve the “employee experience.”
  3. Emphasize “Personalized Performance Management”. All your employees and new hires should take regular assessments that highlight their strengths and identify areas they can improve upon. Set definable goals while tracking and communicating their progress.
  4. Focus beyond compensation – what additional benefits do your personnel value?
  5. Reward your long-term and core employees with a more flexible work schedule including time off and opportunities to occasionally work from home.
  6. Demonstrate that you understand and value diversity in all levels of your company. Don’t make “empty hires” or create separate roles for this purpose. A diverse business is one where everyone is evaluated equally and assigned the same level of accountability.
  7. Incorporate a re-training program that reinforces your methods and builds loyalty. Present your re-training program in all areas of your recruiting communication to show your commitment to hiring employees with a long-range focus.
  8. Enhance the position with technological advances. Sales enablement tools will help your personnel build value in the eyes of the prospect.

In this new environment, businesses can improve their annual revenue without a focus on these areas, but to sustain efficiency, growth, and net profit year after year, you must make your corporate culture a high and immediate priority.

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