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by Mark Milanese
May 23rd, 2016

Brand to the Bone

Although I’ve written about 100 blogs for DWM during the past few years, I’ve never recommended readers to buy anything. Until now… Any business owners who wants to grow their business should get their hands on a copy of a book written by Jack Sims called Brand to the Bone.

Over 25 years ago, I was fortunate enough to meet and get to know Sims, founder and CEO of the largest marketing agency in America. His marketing plans grew brands such as Burger King and Maybelline from small businesses to national leaders.

When I took on the role of marketing for my family business, he was employed by one of our major suppliers. His task was to grow that manufacturer’s business through branding.

What were the results for the manufacturer?

Ultimately, the company was able to grow its business to the point where it had tremendous value, and the founders sold it for a large profit. It was life-changing money that allowed the owners to retire comfortably. But, because they were entrepreneurs, they started new businesses and used Sims’ branding methods again to make new fortunes.

What did Sims do for the manufacturer that was so successful?

He started with a new logo that used the company name in an easily remembered way that showed the solutions the business offered. Then he created a succinct and compelling tagline that told the end consumer what problem the business solved for them. He found and implemented unique ways to stand out in a crowded marketplace. He developed a company culture. He forced all concerned to be patient and consistent so the brand could develop, because sometimes we get tired of our logos and ads before our target customer has even had a chance to identify with it.

To summarize, here are Sims’ five steps to branding success:

1. Create a logo;
2. Create a tagline;
3. Stand out;
4. Be patient, and;
5. Be consistent.

Did Sims’ branding methods help the manufacturer’s dealer network succeed?

Each winter he gave annual motivational talks to this manufacturer’s dealer network. He provided assistance to each company to help define their individual brands. For me, he helped me understand the essential importance of branding to the overall marketing effort. His expert advice grew my company by leaps and bounds.

Not only that, Sims’ concepts were so universal, his methods created the same kind of growth in sales and profits for over 100 colleagues of mine -the national dealer network of that major supplier.

So, I recommend reading Jack’s book.

Brand to the Bone is a great resource to help you understand how vital branding is to growing your business, written a true marketing guru, Jack Sims.

Click here to order your copy of Brand to the Bone from Amazon.

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