Dealer Keys to Success
by Joe Mills
January 3rd, 2017

Be Transparent and Educate

At GlassBuild America back in October, I had the pleasure of meeting a guy whom I see as a sort of invisible mentor, Marcus Sheridan.

Many of you have heard about the concept of content marketing, but Marcus was the guy that, at least for me, talks about it in a way that makes it easier to understand and implement.

You can read about how he used content marketing to turn his company around in this New York Times article. Basically, though, Marcus teaches that you earn trust through transparency and education.

Why is it that most people would rather look at reviews of a business, rather than rely on what they find on the business’ website? One word—bias.

Imagine a potential door or window customer who comes to your website looking for information about your product and services. On your website, you have information about what your products/services cost, potential problems with your products/services, honest comparisons between your product/service and those of your competitors, honest, verifiable reviews of your products/services and information about how to determine what to look for when trying to figure out whose products/services are the best.

Your competitor’s website addresses none of these things, but focuses solely on the features/benefits of their products and services.

Which one do you think would be more trusted? Of course, yours would be, but many of you are probably thinking, “I’m not going to tell people what my stuff costs on my site, or about my competitors, or the problems with my products.”

All we must do to prove that this type of thinking might be a bit short-sighted is to think about how we shop. In my case, one of the first questions that I’m going to ask is what something costs, quickly followed up by why I should buy the product from this company versus a competitor. If they can’t, or even worse, won’t answer those questions, I’m thinking that they have something to hide and I’ll probably choose to spend my money elsewhere.

So, Joe, you’re saying I need to publish a full price list on my website where everyone (including my competitors) can have access to it? Of course not.

Next time, in the final installment of this series, we’ll talk about how to do this transparently, without giving away your secrets. We’ll also make the SEO connection by answering questions and educating customers.

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