A+W Holds User Conference

May 25th, 2023 by Editor

Customers from around the U.S. gathered in Nashville, Tenn., the first week of May for A+W Software’s biennial user conference. The company says its initiatives focus on the needs of customers, as the event helps to shape products, functions and supported systems.

The goal includes developing software to increase competitive advantages and productivity, officials said, while generating greater output value.

Sebastian Dick, manager of A+W Clarity Innovation, and Steve Mason, director of R&D, took attendees on a deep dive into the company’s initiatives, starting with A+W Smart Companion, a scanning software that acts as a mobile information terminal. A+W Smart Companion spawned seven new initiatives, they said, the first of which will roll out this fall.

A+W customers at the conference also learned about initiatives involving augmented reality (AR) technology, which combines real-world views with computer-generated imagery. Dick captured the audience’s attention with an interactive look at the future of rack and inventory tracking using AR goggles. As Apple is expected to debut a new AR-based headset in June, a hands-on demonstration highlighted how A+W is looking to similar technologies to address bottlenecks and information gaps on the shop floor.

A+W presentations also focused on important issues facing flat glass fabricators, including IT threats and security, as well as customer service, capacity planning and shipping logistics. The software company says one of its goals includes educating customers, while providing actionable information to promote increased awareness.

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