Lessons From the Tank
by Joe Altieri
January 23rd, 2023

Are Your Kids Safe?

It is estimated that roughly 5,000 children fall from windows each year. Studies show that approximately 3,300 of them are treated in emergency rooms for their injuries—many of which are life-altering. Tragically, eight to 10 of these children will die from their injuries.

As a window screen inventor and manufacturer, window safety is something I’ve always been passionate about. But recent events brought this issue even more to the forefront for me.

My company is very active on social media and recently one of our posts went viral on TikTok, getting millions of views and thousands of comments. To my alarm, many of the comments expressed concern that, because our screens are so uncomplicated for adults to install and remove, they would not keep children or pets from falling out. These comments are particularly disturbing because they imply that these thousands of people (and undoubtedly countless more) believe that other types of window screens WILL keep their kids safe. This extremely dangerous belief leads not only to a false sense of security but to many of the injuries and tragic, preventable deaths we see from window accidents each year.

The National Safety Council says, “Don’t rely on window screens to prevent kids or pets from falling. Screens are designed to keep pests out, not kids in.” The leading pediatric hospital in the country puts it this way: “Beware! Window screens may give you a false sense of security, but they do not prevent falls.” And the Consumer Products Safety Commission says: “Never depend on screens to keep children from falling out of windows.”

The warnings are clear, but somehow people aren’t getting the message. It is critically important to me and everyone in our industry that parents and caregivers understand the facts about window safety. I wanted to do more to get the word out, so I got with my team and made a video about window screen safety. We outlined the very real statistics and dangers regarding children and window screens. We also included some great tips on the safest ways to vent fresh air into your home and a QR code to scan at the end that leads to even more helpful safety tips and resources regarding open windows, window coverings and safety exits.

Let’s do all we can to help families enjoy all the benefits of fresh air as safely as possible.

Meanwhile, visit www.windowscreensafety.com to view and share the video.

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