Apex RE-9218 PVC Compound

December 16th, 2015 by Editor

Teknor Apex  has produced a new rigid PVC compound for outdoor applications that the company says provides excellent weather- and UV-resistance along with superior performance in Window Profilesprocessing and fabrication and improved surface appearance.

Apex RE-9218 compound is an optimized and competitively priced alternative to existing rigid PVC products that are designed to resist the UV light, heat and moisture encountered in outdoor applications, according to Michael J. Renzi, Vinyl Division business development manager.

As a custom compounder, Teknor Apex can supply Apex RE-9218 compound in specialty colors. In a fully equipped laboratory, the company can assist with development validation by replicating the customer’s process and die design.

Recommended applications for the new compound include door and window lineals, profiles for recreational vehicles and umbilicals for marine oil and gas wells.


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