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July 22nd, 2021 by Nathan Hobbs

With or Without Trade Shows, the Industry Moves Forward With Introductions

As the industry’s trade shows succumb to COVID-19, manufacturers are as determined as ever to introduce new products. From components and coatings to the latest software and hardware, [DWM] rounded up all of the latest to ensure you get to stay home without missing a thing.

Insulating Glass

Stay-Clean Solar Protection

In April, Cardinal Glass Industries introduced Quad LoE-452+™, a four-layer silver coating that the company says offers the lowest emissivity within its family of LoE coatings. In addition to blocking 99% of UV rays and providing a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.22, the product also comes standard with Neat+™, a feature that’s designed to keep glass clean. Neat+ also incorporates titanium dioxide, which, according to company information, reacts to the sun’s UV rays in order to break down greenhouse gases.

Now for Retrofit

Officials for Swisspacer say that the previously validated method for installing Air involved extensive work steps and long cycle times. But engineers recently presented a new method that allows the product to be installed quickly and easily—including in retrofit applications.

Designed to ensure pressure-equalization in insulating glass units (IGUs), Air can now be installed by drilling a hole through hardened sealant and the rear of spacer bars using a special Swisspacer drill. An O-ring is then applied to the threads, before screwing it in at specified torque settings. There’s no longer any need to apply sealant.

Made for Canada

Guardian Glass North America’s new ClimaGuard 80/71 was developed specifically to meet Canada’s Energy Star 5.0 requirements for residential windows. When added to surface three, the company’s new coating provides a high solar heat gain option, for a system that meets the path of ER rating for approval. Applied to surface two, it helps to meet requirements for U-values, with an added interior surface IS coating on surface four.


Tailored to Your Specs

Officials for FrontLine say the company’s new Hinged Aluminum Clad Patio Door Frame System is designed especially with exterior door fabricators in mind, allowing them to utilize their existing platforms. The system is available in 4-9/16 inch and 6-9/16 inch jamb depths (sold as a kit), and is cut and machined to unique door specifications. Kits include clad jambs and mull posts with integrated screen track and a color matching heavy duty screen. FrontLine’s TruLoc Anchoring System is also included.

Full Fiberglass Entryways

Officials for Great Plains Pultrusions say they’re the “new name in the entry door industry.” The company offers ready-to-assemble fiberglass entry door components, which are easy to build. As a result, door and window manufacturers and millwork suppliers can offer customers true, all-fiberglass entry door systems. All of its products are cut and routed on precision CNC equipment, ensuring order accuracy and rapid turnaround times, according to the company.


Bigger and Smoother

As doors continue to grow in size, Anthony Innovations has increased the weight capacity of its rollers to match—the latest of which accommodates up to 550 pounds per panel. The company’s 1000 Series roller also features an increased adjustment range, ease of adjustment under load and improved rolling performance. Available in multiple housing options to suit any extrusion design, the product includes an inbuilt retention system designed to ensure alignment during the full adjustment range.

Stay on Track

Additional locking points are a must for hurricane testing, especially with low-profile tracks and thresholds. Functional Fenestration Inc.’s new Anti-Derailer Lock provides an additional bottom rail security locking point on each panel for lift and slide, multi-slide and swing doors.

All moving parts are made from Stainless Steel 304, to withstand the rigors of any environment.

Quieter and Tighter

Constant-force springs manufacturer John Evans’ Sons is highlighting its Drop-In Balance System this year (also known as the di Series). The system is available in ½- and ¾-inch coil widths and single- to triple-coil combinations.

The company’s Side-Load Constant Force System includes sash guide components that are visible at the top of each sash corner. Guides can be replaced with the company’s sash cam, which gives windows an improved and cleaner look, which officials say also allows for quiet and tight-fitting sashes.


A Complete Package

With its 9430 new construction window, Chelsea set out to offer it all in one package. The product features a sleek, angled cladding cover and true sloped sill design that achieves DP-50 water protection with no weep system required. Meanwhile, a welded frame and sash is designed to enhance integrity and increase weatherability. The window accepts ¾- to ⅞-inch insulating glass and the area behind the nail fin is flat to meet all siding requirements. Coordinating sliders, picture windows and replacement versions are also available.

One Size Fits All

With ¾-inch, warm-edge, insulating glass, United Windows and Door’s 7400 Series is designed to meet Energy Star ratings across all climate zones. At the same time, officials say this versatile and meticulously designed window features a bold bevel and stylish frame that’s designed to combine solid performance with a variety of styles and options for any project.

Aluminum Made Easy

In lieu of Fensterbau this year, Veka went virtual. Through a web-based version of its would-be booth, the company introduced AluConnect—which officials say is a complete rethinking of the aluminum window that offers a highly efficient fabrication process. According to information posted in the company’s “booth,” with its new system, you can now assemble high-quality aluminum windows almost as fast as PVC-U. Corner welding allows for fabrication without corner connectors or other additional parts and nearly all fittings and connecting profiles used for Veka’s PVC-U products can be used for AluConnect.


High Tech Seals

Ultrafab officials say its new technology provides “better overall performance than any other weather seal.” To back those claims, Ultra Cell Micro-Cellular Foam Seals are engineered to provide excellent compression set resistance for minimal loss of functional height over time, as well as consistent and predictable closing under low force.

Microcellular foam is made of UV-stabilized materials to provide long-term weatherability and color stability that doesn’t absorb water.


The Other Edge

While some folks know “The Edge” as a guitarist for rock band U2, so far as insulating glass is concerned officials for EDTM say its Low-E Coating and Edge Deletion Detector (also known as The EDGE) is the real rocker. The ergonomic tool is designed for use in window manufacturing and as a glass processing instrument, for testing single panes of low-E glass in production. It allows for testing in the center of glass, as well as edge deletion on the perimeter.


Hand it Over

Quanex’s new full-service outsourcing for screens is designed to allow companies that struggle with inventory or devote too much floor space to boost their efficiencies. Officials say facilities throughout the U.S. are dedicated to making high-quality door and window screens that are built to exact specifications and that remain out of the way until needed.

Screens are packaged to preference and delivered directly to locations based on production schedules.

Door Glass

Limited Edition

ODL’s Marquise door glass features a limited edition, limited release decorative design that officials say is crafted to mimic the elaborate lines of a masterfully cut diamond.

Also new to the company’s lineup are textured simulated divided lites. Blanca is a frosted, slightly stippled surface that offers a high level of privacy and an understated backdrop; Chinchilla features fine lines and an organic, fur-like texture; Micro-Granite includes unique textures and patterns to create a surface that resembles small, textured, polished pebbles. Lastly, Streamed includes a vertical pattern with ribbed texture to create the illusion of flowing water.

Colors and Finishes

The Flattest Matte

Adding onto the trend toward dark, solid colors, with skai Mattex, Continental debuted what it promotes as “the absolute flattest matt finish ever.” The product is designed to look pristine—an impression officials say is reinforced by touching its surface. The film is scratch-resistant due to a newly developed grain structure and is sealed with a PVDF-layer. The resulting low-surface tension is easy to clean, according to company information.

Mattex is available in a wide range of colors, ranging from white to jet black.

True Acrylic/PVDF

As the trend for dark finishes finds its way from the outside in, officials at Renolit say its latest Exofol FX is the only true acrylic/PVDF film on the market—including for interiors. The company’s Pitch Black is designed to offer superior, long-term performance and the line has been extended to include some of its most popular colors, including a new, contemporary smooth-emboss finish. Several new interior woodgrains are designed to offer extremely realistic print designs and soft, warm appearances.

Universal Smarts

Officials for Roto say they rank modern sliding products high on the scale for trends. For this reason, the hardware producer introduced its Roto Patio Alversa and Roto Patio Inowa series, allowing large quantities of sliding elements to be manufactured on automated production lines. In the Alversa range, one tilt and slide solution and three parallel sliding solutions can be manufactured on a single line. Those efficiencies come partly from a universal central locking system and the ability to use the same parts for all variants.

A Perfect Pairing

Roto North America is excited to introduce a line of push-out casement handles that are suited for aluminum profiles. According to officials, the handles pair well with the company’s Kempton four-bar hinges to provide a complete push-out casement hardware package. The line of handles accommodates both front and bottom fixing, with several styles available in white, black, silver or anodized aluminum finishes.

Six handles are currently available, offering a range of large to smaller applications, each of which comes paired with a striker.

Heading West

Officials for Deceuninck say the company developed its 326 Series window systems for high-end residential and light commercial applications—specifically in the Western U.S. and Canada. The product includes casement, awning, picture window (dedicated; fixed sash), side load single hung and single slider configurations.

Internally glazed casement, awning and picture windows are designed to make installation easy, with options for 1 inch and 1-⅜ inch nail fin setbacks and integral stucco keys.


Going Digital

After a successful rollout for the glass industry, A+W recently opened its Smart Companion app to door and window companies—now including upgrades. Improvements include such things as higher read quality and better search functions, according to company information.

The app’s simple user interface is designed to act as a mobile information/product terminal, allowing employees to display locations of ordered components and contents of racks. According to officials, the system is designed to guide users and to reduce errors, while also allowing them to scan multiple barcodes at once—all with minimal training and without paper.

Interconnected Operations

GED recently updated its software department and group of products. Now known as GED Software, the division encompasses two categories:  Production Control and Analytics, and Machinery Software.

The company’s production control and analytics software is used in office settings to create, release and organize schedules for machinery runs. Machinery software retrieves data from scheduling software to communicate to machines on the plant floor. The net effect includes translating human input into machine output, officials say.

Designed to increase yields, optimize remakes and minimize operator interference, the company’s software drives insulating glass (IG) and window production by connecting front-end systems directly to IG and window systems.

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