AAMA Updates Voluntary Specification for Multi-Bar Hinges In Windows

December 9th, 2014 by Editor

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) has released an updated version of AAMA 904, “Voluntary Specification for Multi-Bar Hinges in Window Applications.”

According to AAMA, the document describes procedures, materials, performance criteria and test methods for determining the durability of this type of hinge used for opening and closing casement, projected and parallel opening windows. It was last updated in 2009.

“AAMA 904 ensures quality at a component level for multi-bar hinges by defining minimum requirements for corrosion performance and life cycle,” says Chris Griffin of Roto Frank of America, chair of AAMA’s Security Hazard Mitigation for Fenestration Products Committee. “Multi-bar hinges must pass this testing for inclusion into the AAMA Verified Component List. This testing also determines weight ratings for these hinges, which are included as part of the VCL listing.”

A multi-bar hinge is a mechanical device which, when mounted in a window in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, is used to support a variety of in-plane sash types.

AAMA 904-14 may be purchased from AAMA’s Publication Store.


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