Door and Window Musings
by Tara Taffera
July 14th, 2009

A Truly Inspirational Story

trutechforblogI’m so happy to have more good news to report, and it’s even better that I was able to witness the celebration of this good news first-hand (I was fortunate enough to attend the grand opening last week). Hopefully you know by now that Canadian door manufacturer Tru Tech has entered the U.S. market and purchased the Fredericksburg, Va. manufacturing facility, owned previously by Therma-Tru (for the news story, CLICK HERE).

But what you may not know is the series of events that transpired that make this a truly inspirational story.

Although Tru Tech originally wanted to purchase just the equipment from Therma-Tru the company quickly realized that this would be a great place to manufacture doors in the United States and that by doing so they could bring the former Therma-Tru employees back to work. And, oh, by the way, the plant had the capacity to manufacture a steel-edged door–a void in the Tru Tech product line that the company had been looking to fill.

Call it the stars aligning, call it the hand of God or call it dumb luck. No matter what you believe there were forces at work that played a role in how this story ended.

If you believe it was God, listen to this statement made by general manager Ernie Hinegardner.

“A gentleman from a lumberyard in Georgia heard our story and drove down here and said, “God led me here. What can I do to help?”

It’s stories like this that can’t help but make you smile a little wider.

And it’s people like Tru Tech general manager Sam Collister that we need in this business. He knows a good business opportunity when he sees it and he goes to bat to make sure it happens. When he visited the Therma-Tru plant he knew that the company should not just purchase the equipment, but instead the facility, and bring the employees back to work. And he quickly went to work to make sure Tru Tech president John Careri saw it too–and as soon as he visited he did.

It’s also employees like all those at the Therma-Tru facility. Careri told me that at first he couldn’t even pay the employees because the company wasn’t set up as a corporation in the United States and no one even asked about payment. The employees simply pitched in to get the facility ready to reopen.

It’s stories like this that I love bringing to our readers and it’s great to witness them in person.

For exclusive video coverage of this event, CLICK HERE to watch the DWM newscast. DWM caught all the action to bring to our readers.

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